GNUI Doctor Blade

Product Description

GNUI doctor blades manufactured with german highly refined corban steel strip with a constant thickness of lemella tip, the doctor blade can guarantee the printing effect completely identical. The unique shape design and polishing technique provide a constant contact surface with the cylinder;obeviously enhances blade durability,avoids printing waste,GNUI doctor blade especially suitable for Gravure & Flexographic printing.

Technical Data sheet:


Description: Printing Doctor Blade

Application: Gravure /Flexo Printing,Coatong & Polishing

Blade Thickness: 0.152

Blade Width: 40mm,50mm Or on Demand

Tip Thickness: 0.08

Tip Width: 1.4

Material:   Carbon Steel

Tensile Strenght: 2030N/mm

Hardness: 600HV     

Packing: 100M/Box