SharpCut CL-20

Product Description

SHARPcut CL-20

The CL-20 carbon steel blade is high quality german ZAPP 1247QA cold rolling carbon steel with a carbon contant that is more then traditional carbon steel,thus extending the blade's durability and lifespan.The CL-20 doctor blade is basic and common doctor blade that is suitable for printing presses with a speed of 250m/miute or above,making it applicable to a wide array of printing presses for ink removal.


1274QA element contant

C            Mn          Si          P             S           Cr

1.00      0.45       0.25     0.025      0.025     0.40

Tensile strenght: 1900-2100 n/mm²

Hardness: 580-600HV

Linearity: 0.15mm/1m


1. Delicate microstructure and dense distribution compared to a traditional steel,the CL-20 has a

2. The precise polishing process can prevent ink impurities sticking to the blade surface,thus ensuring a clear print pattern.

3. The special technique used to process blade adge reduces the grinding process before using,thus saving time.

4. compared with to a CL-30 blade,CL-20 is less expensive and suitable for printing presses that require the blade to be changed on a more frequent basis.


Size(width)             Speed                  Thickness(base material)        Package
 40mm            250m/min or Above                0.152mm                     100m/box
 50mm            250m/min or Above                0.152mm                     100m/box 


 Packaging Box

1. Packaging box uses ABS Plastic featuring environmental  ptotection,toughness and wear and corrosion resistance.

2. Good looking packaging box with anti-counterfeting lablel.

3. There is no need to open box,save time.